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Technical Report on Laser Cutting: Machines, Automation, Software, Gas, etc.

1- Introduction: Technical Report on Laser Cutting

Machine découpe laser

Laser cutting developments over the last decade have led to a significant increase in machine cutting speed. Fibre laser machines therefore have the capacity to handle large volumes of cut parts, particularly for metal sheets of thin and medium thickness.

The challenge for manufacturers today is to have an overall vision of their industrial process, for smooth and coherent management upstream and downstream of the laser machine.

With this in mind, has compiled a series of 6 articles providing a 360° overview of this technology. 

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Discover Metal-Interface’s methodology for choosing a laser cutting machine, taking 4 aspects into account: specifications, machine productivity, flexibility, and the assessment of operating costs.

How to make the right choice: gas, purity, cylinder or tank storage, supply, network installation, gas generator and compressed air?

What automation solutions are available? What aspects should you consider when making a decision?

Does the operating flow of raw materials and produced parts ensure that the laser machine is used optimally in relation to its production capacity and to feed the downstream stations?

Laser programme security, nesting, automation and flexibility are all aspects to be explored when choosing a CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) solution. It is also important to consider other software components for an global view of the process: quotes, CAD, MES, etc.

How to limit the impact of the film when cutting.

2- How was this Report Compiled?

During our last major survey, a majority of manufacturers or sub-contractors expressed an interest in laser cutting and its automation. Some also mentioned the constraints that they had encountered.

Metal-Interface therefore decided to interview the main manufacturers, software publishers and consumable producers in the laser field. Their technical contribution to this report was essential and we would like to thank each of them for their availability while putting together this report.

Constructeurs de machine de découpe laser, éditeurs et consommable


*survey conducted in November 2020 alongside 2124 manufacturers

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