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  • 4 Rolls MCB equipped with our iRoll eXtreme Control System
    EuroBLECH 2022 Press release

    DAVI, Made in Italy Plate and Angle Rolls Manufacturer

    Published on 08/09/22
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Thu 08/09/2022 - 15:34
  • Born in Italy in 1966, DAVI is the world largest manufacturer of Plate Rolls, Angle Rolls, High Productivity Lines and customized Rolling Machines. Its leadership is evident with regards to sales volume, employees, production, assets and rating. DAVI also owns the highest number of patents in the industry.

    DAVI history is all based on learning and striving to achieve the best skills in the bending process. Nowadays, DAVI machines are designed through the most advanced 3D CAD and always tested with FEM analysis in order to guarantee strength and sturdiness. A great care is also placed on design, that is constantly improved and applied to the production of Plate and Angle Rolls. DAVI Research & Development Division lives on the catchphrase ‘engineering everyday challenges’ and is always ready to design custom made solutions and meet customers’ needs.

    DAVI product portfolio includes the widest range of Plate Rolls (both 3 and 4 roll), for plates from 2 to 6m width and from 6 to 400mm thickness; the widest range of Angle Rolls, for beams up to 1,200mm height, pipes up to 800mm diameter, flanges up to 600x200mm on edge; high productivity Wind Energy Lines (patented): more than 250 are installed and operating for the world leaders and major players in order to produce towers, foundations, tripods, monopiles and transition pieces; high productivity 4 roll and robotic lines, for plates from 1 to 6m width and from 2 to 15mm thickness; customized machines for tank trailers, aircraft, aerospace, shipyard sectors, for plates from 6 to 24m width and beyond.

    DAVI headquarter is located in the most high-tech region of Italy: Emilia-Romagna, a territory that houses Ferrari, Ducati, Lamborghini and many machinery and mechanical companies that are leader in their industries. All the machines are produced at the headquarter, that includes also a warehouse and a logistic and quality control center. The branches in Dallas (Texas, USA) and Shanghai (China) and the whole network of more than 100 highly qualified dealers assure sales and customer care assistance all around the world, at any time.

    DAVI dedicated Customer Support is always available to meet customers’ needs. A highly professional and specialized team can support either on site or connecting remotely with every corner of the world. Installation, commissioning, training, preventive maintenance are ensured and can also be offered on all other main brands’ machines.

    ‘Always on time’ is one of the mottos that distinguishes DAVI, a company that can claim almost 10,000 machines installed all over the world, has a 11,000 OEM parts and components warehouse in order to feed its massive production, builds 300 machines per year and always keeps 100 machines ready for immediate delivery, even those for heavy industries. These are some of the reasons why DAVI can offer the shortest delivery time in the market. DAVI is proud to keep its supply chain always 100% Made in Italy, selecting the best suppliers (all ISO certified) for every specific product.

    DAVI is constantly verified by DNV and holds certifications of quality, environment and safety. Moreover, DAVI financial strength has been rated ‘Prime Company’ for its maximum commercial reliability by Dun & Bradstreet for many years.

  • 4 Rolls MCB with our new Control System iRoll eXtreme

    DAVI has just launched the new frontier of control system: iRoll eXtreme.

    A new ergonomic console with a high-resolution touch-screen and a live 3D interface. A smartphone-like experience to make programming easier than ever, also thanks to an exclusive Artificial Intelligence.

    Some of the new features introduced are 3D Simulation for Easy Programming and Live Visualization of the Rolling Process, Assisted Manual Mode (with Multi-Pass Aid and an accurate Apple-Shape Calculator) and Talk & Watch with Smart Glasses.

    With all these innovative new functionalities, the new iRoll eXtreme will allow to maximize the throughput, also thanks to an intuitive Phase Programing and many templates available for programming cylinders, cones and custom shapes. The Real-Time Correction tool will also grant the possibility to modify the relevant segment of any shape easily and quickly.