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  • Straight lengths, coils of tubes, parts cut in large series, centrifuged tubes raw or machined to plan
    LAMIERA 2022 Press release

    Stainless steel / steel tubes seamless / welded re-drawn / centrifuged

    Published on 29/03/22
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Tue 29/03/2022 - 16:54
  • SEYAME specializes in seamless cold drawn and welded redrawn tubes in straight length and in coils. 
    In addition we have a complete offer of centrifugal casting tubes.
    We deliver all over the world but our market is 95% European.
    We are constantly strengthening our range in order to offer a global solution to our customers.
    Seyame started with stainless steel tubes, then we developed steels, aluminum, special grades and we are associated with the American tube cutter machines producer VULCAN PARADIGM for whom we are the exclusive representative in EUROPE.

  • Tubes in straight lengths of 6 meters (other lengths on request)

    Straight length tubes are the most widely used in industry, our ranges
    range from diameter 3 to 114.3 mm with thicknesses varying from 0.5 to 5.5 mm. Lengths from 3 to 18 meters.
    We produce almost all austenitic and refractory grades with all finishing methods.
    We mainly produce cylinder tubes, hydraulic tubes, exchanger tubes and precision tubes for mechanical applications.
    Our capacity is about 2000 tons/year.

    straight tubes
    Straight tubes


  • Tubes in coils, length depending on the diameter.

    Coil tubes are more technical to produce than straight tubes, they meet a need for circuit continuity and homogeneity over long lengths, mainly used in oil and gas, hydrogen applications.
    Our ranges extend from diameter 3 to 38.1 mm with thicknesses ranging from 0.4 to 2 mm.
    The lengths depend on the dimension because the starting blank is always 100kg, the final reel will therefore be 100kg divided by the weight per meter of the dimension +/- 10%.
    Length extensions are possible by orbital welding of several rings together, maximum 3km depending on the nominal diameter.
    We mainly produce bright annealed 316L, other grades are available on request.
    Our capacity is about 800 tons/year.

    tubes in coils
    Tubes in coils


  • Centrifuged tubes sold raw or in finished parts according to your plans.

    The centrifugal tubes make it possible to obtain a high purity steel with very high mechanical characteristics much better than the traditional casting systems, ideal for shafts or highly stressed bearings, moreover the centrifugal casting makes it possible to obtain flared shapes, bi-material tubes and we also offer the machining of these tubes for the production of your finished parts.
    Our production capacity is approximately 7000 tons/year and 80% of our production is ordered directly from our customers.
    Our ranges extend from diameter 60 to 2300 mm with a minimum thickness of 15 mm and a minimum internal diameter of 22 mm for a maximum unit weight of 5 tons and a maximum length of 4 meters.
    Extensions of up to 8 meters can be made by welding, but the depth of the weld cannot exceed 200 mm.
    The applications that use these tubes the most are oil and gas, marine construction, pumps, decanters, compressors, galvanizing and printing machines, engines.

    centrifuged tubes
    Centrifuged tubes


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