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  • Wide range of fabrication solutions from metal bending, cutting and drilling to welding
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    Akyapak Machinery - Metalworking Technologies and Welding Solutions

    Published on 01/10/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Thu 01/10/2020 - 17:11
  • One of the longest-established producers in Bursa, Akyapak celebrates its 56th foundation anniversary. Akyapak proudly exports metal-bending, drilling, cutting machines and welding solutions to 110 countries in 6 continents and delivers high quality from Turkey to the world. Akyapak is a source of pride to Bursa and Turkey with its total 32.000 m2 covered technological manufacturing facilities. Akyapak, established in 1962 in Bursa, is continuing to shape technology in Turkey and the world with its 370 qualified and experienced staff.

    Akyapak has taken new steps to reinforce its strong image all over the world and most recently opened Akyapak USA and Akyapak Russia offices in Tampa, Florida and Moscow.

  • Wide range of fabrication solutions from metal bending,cutting and drilling

    • Bending Machines  

    Akyapak manufactures 4-roll hydraulic plate bending machines with capacity in thickness from 2 mm to 200 mm and in width from 500 mm to 12000 mm.

    • Drilling&Cutting Machines

    Perfect Solutions for Structural Steel Works by 10 Axis CNC…

    AKYAPAK ADM series are capable of drilling holes standard 10-40 mm or larger diameter in H, I vand U profiles.  ADM Beam Drill Lines consist of models with single or three independent spindles.

    • Dishing&Flanging Machines

    AKYAPAK presents its experience in all areas of metal processing and forming. AKYAPAK has carried out thorough research for dishing and flanging industry and is assertive for this field as well with its exactingly developed dishing and flanging machines.

    • Welding Solutions

    Among the best solutions that can meet the expectations of the industry are welding solutions; H- Profile Welding Machine, Column Boom Systems, Self-Adjusting and Conventional Rotators.