Hypertherm Europe B.V. is part of the global company Hypertherm Inc., an American company based out of Hanover, New Hampshire. The company has been in the cutting business for nearly 50 years, since 1968, when it all started with Hypertherm’s invention of water injection plasma cutting. The technology-oriented company is focused on continuous innovation and since its inception multiple new technologies have been developed. In addition to plasma, Hypertherm also provides specific products for waterjet cutting as well as fiber laser.

Hypertherm offers two main product categories to the markets it serves: handheld plasma cutting systems and industrial cutting solutions. Hypertherm has more than 1.400 associates globally, with the majority based out of the US, where Hypertherm has its production and engineering departments. In terms of engineering capacity, Hypertherm reinvests about 7% to 10% of its total revenue back into research and development projects.


Manufacturers of industrial machines

: Plasma cutter, Torches/Consumables, Fiber Laser, CO2-Laser, High Pressure Pumps, Software

Business segment


  • Workforce : 50 to 499 employees |
  • Turnover : 800 000 to 4 500 000