Bollhoff Attexor SA of Ecublens/Lausanne, Switzerland, is a manufacturing company, leading in the domain of clinching, a technology for sheet metal “fastening without fasteners”.


Bollhoff Attexor SA offers, worldwide, a large range of tooling and machines based on unique SPOT CLINCH® - RIVCLINCH®  (clinching) and TAGGER® (stitch-folding) joining techniques. Bollhoff Attexor SA’s business was acquired during the year 2000 from ATTEXOR Equipements SA, and has been completed with a radically new range of tooling and standard machines, protected by patents and patents pending.


Bollhoff Attexor SA is represented throughout the world by a network of competent partners, distributors and agents. A close cooperation has been established with the BÖLLHOFF Group, an international company leader in assembly techniques, in the major countries of Europe and North America, and in the particular sector of automobile worldwide.

More than 30 years experience

Bollhoff Attexor SA has based its success on an experience of more than 30 years –Its engineering team being the pioneer in Europe – in most of the sheet metal assembly sectors throughout the world, on its capacity of offering solutions to most of the applications, on a network of highly qualified partners, distributors and agents, and on a Swiss quality without compromise.


Manufacturers of industrial machines

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