SigmaNEST PowerPack CAD/CAM Softwares for Punching Cutting

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Solution complète d'imbrication et de programmation, avec chiffrage des pièces, gestion des chutes et des OF


  • Multi-Brand Programming Yes

  • Programmable Technologies Punching, Lasercutting, Plasmacutting, Waterjetcutting, Oxycutting, Trimming

  • CAD Yes

  • Nesting Method automatic / manually

  • Recognition of Specific Tools Yes

  • Unlodaing One by One (suction cup) automatic / manually

  • Palettisation automatic / manually

  • Leftovers Management Yes

  • Material Management Yes

  • Standard Turret Yes

  • Production Costs Calculation Yes

  • Production Time Calculation Yes

  • Common Cuts automatic / manually

  • Common Slitting automatic / manually

  • Automatique Cutting Speed Calculation Yes

  • Customized Yes

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