MECAJET II 1531 Waterjet Cutting Machines

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MECAJET is the new range of water jet cutting equipment, designed by MECANUMERIC for cutting with water under very high pressure of various materials:

* soft materials

o rubber

o plastic materials

o leather....

* and, with the addition of abrasive, hard materials

o metal

o ceramic

o glass

o stone

o composite materials....

The MECAJETs integrate the latest innovations:

POWER AUTOMATION CNC control system (CN7100 ISO), new long life pneumatic cutting heads, axis positioning control, 3 or 5 axis head, clearance control, etc...

The cutting table consists of a mechanically welded frame with integrated stainless steel tray with adjustable water level, a two-axis gantry with bellows, guided on either side of the frame by a very high-precision rack and pinion system supporting one (or two) cutting head (s).

Serviced at altitude (motorized Z), the cutting heads are equipped with a pneumatically operated on/off valve.

Brushless motors drive the X, Y and Z axes. A synchronized double motorization with positioning control by incremental encoder ensures the movement of the gantry.

The supply of very high pressure water is carried out by a THP piping system including a boom for the mobile part. The materials to be cut are placed on a support made of removable gratings. Access to the machine is protected by light curtains.

The control is carried out by a numerical control with a human-machine interface running under Windows XP.

ALMA software allows the import of DXF files, their conversion, manual or automatic placement, waste management, etc...

The 3 or 5 axis cutting head(s) are powered by a THP pump from the world leader KMT (ex INGERSOLL RAND) from 15 HP (10kW, max. flow 1.2 l/min at 3800 bars) to 125HP (92kW, max. flow 10 l/min at 6200 bars).


  • Type of Structure -

  • Max Travel Axis X (mm) 1820

  • Max Travel Axis Y (mm) 3500

  • Max Travel Axis Z (mm) 300

  • Power (kW) 93

  • Positionning Accuracy (mm) 0.05

  • Repeatability (mm) 0.04

  • Max Nozzle Quantity 0

  • Bevel Cutting Yes

  • 5 Axes Cutting Head Yes

  • Extraction of the Abrasive Yes

  • Continuous abrasive dosing No

  • Automatic stream lag and taper compensation Yes

  • Max Load (kg/m²) 1000

  • Motion System and Motorisation -

  • Maximum Pump Pressure (bar) 6200

  • Maximum Water Flow (l/min) 7.6

  • Max Nozzle Diameter (mm) 0.51

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