X-Cut Hydraulic Shears

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X-CUT is available in a wide range of models and powers. Length and shearing thickness can be customized to the highest levels in the category.

With a wide range of accessories (pneumatic sheet metal support, setting of the cut start position, stripe feeder, scrap/small parts metal box, pneumatic front guard, standby function, anti scratch device, etc.), with tailor made approach, we always guarantee the best solution for every production need and every set of technical and economical constraints.


  • Shear Type -
  • CNC Yes
  • Force (kN) 0
  • Quantity of Holding-Down Clamps 0
  • Maximum Cutting Width (mm) 0
  • Maximum Cutting Length (mm) 0
  • Maximum Steel Thickness (mm) 0
  • Max Stainless Steel Thickness (mm) 0
  • Minimum Rake Angle (°) 0
  • Maximum Rake Angle (°) 0
  • Maximum Hit Rate (hits/min) 0
  • Possible Adjustment of the Clearance between Blades No
  • Throat Depth (mm) 0
  • Minimum Clearance between Blades (mm) 0
  • Maximum Clearance between Blades (mm) 0
  • Min Back Gage Stroke (mm) 0
  • Max Back Gage Stroke (mm) 0
  • Maximum Motor Power (kW) 0
  • Machine Weight (t) 0
  • Machine Length (mm) 0
  • Machine Width (mm) 0
  • Machine Height (mm) 0
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