Products List

Business segment


Clinching Machine
Crimping Machines
Riveting Machines

Bending / Rolling / Pinching / Stamping

Electric Press Brakes
Flanging Machines
Horizontal Hydraulic Press Brakes
Hybrid Press Brakes
Hydraulic Bending Machines
Hydraulic Press Brakes
Hydraulic System Press Brakes
Manual Bending Machines
Mechanical Press Brakes
Motorized Bending Machines
Panel Benders
Pipe Forming Bells
Rolling Mills


Parts Cleaning Units
Solvent Recyclers

Cutting / Punching

2D Laser cutting machines
3D laser - 5 axis laser cutting machines
Beveling Machines
Circular Shears
Conical Slit Coils
Cutting and Slitting Lines
Cutting Presses
Electric Shears
High Pressure Pumps for Waterjet Cutting
Hydraulic Shears
Laser Cutting Heads
Longitudinal Slit Coils
Manual Shears
Mechanical Shears
Notching Machines
Oxy-fuel / Plasma Cutting
Plasma Cutting System
Pneumatic Shears
Portative Shears
Punching and Laser Cutting Combined
Punching and Plasma Cutting Combined
Punching and Shearing Combined
Punching Machines
Sawing Machines for Metal
Scrap Choppers
Trimming Shears
Waterjet Cutting Machines

Cutting and Bending Combined

Press Brake and Shear Combined


Drilling Machines
Thermal Drilling Machines

Handling / Storage

Lifting Beam
Storage Systems


Forging Presses

Peripheral Equipment for Presses

Length stop system
Pressfeed systems
Straightening and Feeding Combined
Uncoilers and Straighteners Combined

Pipes, Wires and Profiles

Contour Cutting Machine
Forming Machines
Pipe and Profile Bending Machines
Pipe Making
Pipes and Profiles Cutting
Profile Drilling Machines
Roll forming Machines


Hydraulic Presses
Hydraulic Workshop Presses
Hydropneumatic Presses
Manual Brakes
Manual Marking Presses
Mechanical Presses
Pneumatic Marking Presses
Pneumatic Presses

Protection and Safety/ Environment

Extraction of Fumes
Machinery Proctection
Protective Screens And Curtains for Welding
Vacuum Tables
Welding Helmets

Quality / Measurements / Controls

Laser Beam Guiding
Laser surface velocimeters (LSV)
Laser Vibrometers
Metrology Instruments in 3D


CAD CAM Software for 5-Axis Machines
CAD Software Solutions
CAD/CAM Softwares for Punching Cutting
CAM Softwares for Bending/Unbending
CAM Softwares for Pipe Cutting
CAM Softwares for Welding
Online Services

Surface Treatments

Brushing Machines
Deburring Machines
Grinding Machines
Polishing Machines
Roller Levelers

Tools / Consumables

Punch and Die Grinding Machines
Vibration Isolated Platforms


Automatic Stud Welding
Butt Welding
Laser Welding Heads
Spot/Resistance Welding
Spot/Resistance Welding Guns
Stud Welding Guns
Stud Welding Head
Stud Welding Power Sources
Welding Carriages
Welding Robots - Arm
Welding Robots - Compact Units
Welding Torches
Welding Units
Wire Feeders