JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM 3D laser - 5 axis laser cutting machines

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JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM Laser Cutting System: High-Precision 3D Cutting of Metal and Plastic Parts

The JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM laser cutting system is ideal for 3D laser cutting of metals and plastics. The innovative robot technology processes complex components — quickly, effectively and precisely. It sets new standards, particularly in the metal industry.

Our mirror system inside the lightweight robot guides the light onto the cutting head. The individual mirrors are actively cooled, and precisely guide the beam through all axes. There is no need for a moving light guide cable, which makes the laser cutting system verystreamline and lightweight. The cutting head has plenty of room, and is therefore very mobile, allowing access even to places that are hard to reach.

The laser cutting system is the ideal tool for processing 3D components. Even with the extremely short cycle times, the contours are cut incredibly precisely. The high cutting and adjustment speed significantly accelerates the process. The system is dynamic and can be perfectly tailored to the component.

Thanks to the modular structure of the core components, the JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM can be effortlessly integrated into your system. Thecompact system design ensures that both commissioning and service costs are kept to a minimum. You will receive a reliable laser system that is already used successfully by over 200 companies in the automotive industry. We would be happy to develop a machine specifically tailored to your needs verified in our advanced application center.


  • Laser Type IPG fiber laser

  • Applications 3D laser cutting,tube cutting

  • Max Axis Quantity 5

  • Max Travel Axis X (mm) 1400

  • Max Travel Axis Y (mm) 700

  • Max Travel Axis Z (mm) 500

  • Max Rotation Axis B (°) 0

  • Max Rotation Axis C (°) 0

  • Repeating Accuracy (mm) 0.05

  • Postionning Accuracy Axis X (mm) 0

  • Positionning Accuracy Axis Z (mm) 0

  • Max Travel Speed Simultaneously (m/min) 300

  • Max Travel Speed Axis X (m/min) 0

  • Max Travel Speed Axis Y (m/min) 0

  • Max Travel Speed Axis Z (m/min) 0

  • Max Travel Speed Axis B (m/min) 0

  • Max Travel Speed Axis C (m/min) 0

  • Max Laser Power (W) 4

  • Machine Length (mm) 5100

  • Machine Width (mm) 7000

  • Machine Height (mm) 2700

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