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Hypertherm, the world leader of industrial cutting solutions

Hypertherm, the world leader of industrial cutting solutions

09/01/2017 | Pays-Bas

Metal Interface met Mr. Jurgen BOELAARS, EMEA Marketing Manager, Hypertherm Europe B.V., providing industrial cutting solutions over the world, at EuroBLECH 2016.

Company's presentation

Two main routes to market
The company’s route to market strategy is characterized by two channels:

- Handheld plasma systems (the Powermax® line of products) are sold through a distribution network that covers all over the EMEA region. Hypertherm does not sell direct to end users. The advantage of using a network is that it has a broader reach, greater density, and offers local service and support in close proximity to the customer.

- Automatic systems and mechanized cutting systems are sold to its vast OEM network. OEMs are typically machine building companies who sell into major industries like; shipbuilding, construction equipment, metal cutting centers, steel fabricators and all other industries that use metal.

The Hypertherm expertise in their innovative new products
Regarding the automated cutting solutions side of the business, Hypertherm does not only sell plasma, waterjet and laser power sources, it also offers CNC’s, CAD/CAM 2D and robotic software and consumables. The addition of the software business provides solutions for simple construction work to very complex ones as bridges and stadiums. Therefore, as described by Mr. Jurgen BOELAARS, “when customers buy Hypertherm, they buy the reliability and versatility of the world’s leading industrial cutting solutions provider. With Hypertherm, they have the most advanced technology in-house with the added-value of 50-years Hypertherm expertise as well as the knowledge and experience of our partner network”.

Hypertherm services
Hypertherm has a network of services with technical engineers and sales managers, application engineers specialized in consumable technologies, upgrades and retrofits. In addition, Hypertherm has about 20 people in the European office who are dedicated to technical service, customer services and financial services. From my Hypertherm perspective, the main challenge we face is, that we have to make sure that Hypertherm provides the best possible solution based on the specific needs the customer has. This is why we constantly seek feedback form the markets we serve to provide the R&D department with feedback that ultimately satisfies the evolving customer’s need bestconcludes Mr. Jurgen BOELAARS.