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Metal-Interface.com is a free information portal devoted to anyone working in the sheet metal industry, whether their business is specialised in sheet metal processing, tube and profile work or manufacturing machines and tools. It is committed to deliver independent, fact-based information, and is constantly revised by experienced professionals who classify, verify and enrich the existing database to ensure you have up-to-date information.

Metal-interface.com includes a powerful technical comparison of machine-tools that provides instant results, customer reviews and like-for-like comparisons. Sift through the numerous machines available in the market, refine the list to find exactly the one you need, and contact manufacturers and resellers in seconds. As for machine-tools manufacturers, they benefit from an incomparable exposure and easiness for contact.

Our online search directory lists thousands of subcontractors, manufacturers, resellers and institutes throughout the world, in order to assist businesses in building relationships. Firms included in our directory appear to thousands of potential customers for free, and display options are available to enhance exposure both on metal-interface.com and the internet.

The classified advertising section offers an extensive choice of adverts ranging from buy and sell services or products, such as second-hand machines, to donations.

Metal-Interface.com also features a collaborative encyclopedia, where users may create or complete articles about processes, technologies or machines, thus promoting their own knowledge as well as their firm.

Finally, the news feed section communicates about technology, products and key industrial exhibitions, informing users on trends linked to machine-tools production and sheet metal processing.

Metal-interface.com, the leading website created by and for professionals from the sheet metal field.